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Not particularly sustainable

Let´s be honest, the medal is nice but not sustainable. 

Next year there will be new and indeed sustainable medals - in addition, all finishers at the ultra distances will receive a trophy - also meaningful. 
We look forward to telling you more about it on September 1st, when the registration for 2024 opens.

But in short, this year's edition was the last with a traditional medal - that is, a medal that can't really be used for anything - other than a memory on the wall.

And there are far too many medals left. At Ecotrail Oslo's home office/head quarter, various useful items are now in the making - 
from the medals, which this Race Director is happy to send off in the mail to those who want them.

Wishes and suggestions have been received on Facebook. 
As soon as the "recycled" medals are ready to be photographed they will be published on Facebook/Insta - and here