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New sustainable medal and edible trophy

Hope the summer was good, despite the climate changes we have all experienced with heat, drought, forest fires, torrential rain and floods.

It matters for the climate what the individual does, and it does matter for the environmental awareness in us what an organizer does. We want to get better at it.


#Sprouting medal  

In the next race, the traditional medal is replaced with a sustainable finisher's memento that can be hung around the neck, on the wall or recycled as paper.

It is made from fiber waste from tomatoes - and will come in a great design that will be completed later this autumn . Then we also reveal what the bag itself contains!


#Edible trophy

We are also introducing a trophy from next year.


Everyone who completes the ultra distances of
80 km and 50 km will receive a honey trophy in addition to a #sproutingmedal.

When the honey has been eaten, the jar can still have its triumphant place on the kitchen shelf, preferably with a new top-up of local honey.


We support urban beekeeping

Ecotrail Oslo has become a business partner in ByBi . They take many important initiatives to increase pollination in the capital.
The pollinators actually need a flower every 250 meters! And pollinating plants are completely dependent on the bees.
They are threatened, and without them the world's food production is also threatened. Anyone with a window box, balcony or garden should therefore plant bee-friendly plants.